Name of Painting: "Unfinished"

Artist: Vania Muriuki, age 25

Vania is a Kenyan female artist and public health student. She creates in abstract figurative forms, as she seeks to explore the different worlds in and around her with incessant wonder. Based between Nairobi and Beirut, the wide array of concerns in public health and wholeness inform and inspire her work as well.

 “Unfinished” by Vania Muriuki, a young Kenyan artist – because the task of #LeavingNoOneBehind is not finished. Painted for the 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind, it depicts two abstracted human profiles facing each other. The abstracted mountainous landscape has a large drop of water at the centre. Underneath holds a row of buildings and two simple huts at the bottom edge. It encompasses some of the challenges to leaving no one behind in water and sanitation through snapshots of underdeveloped livelihoods and crises. These include the “Struggling Girl” (rf Kevin Carter, 1993) embedded in the profile to the right, figures carrying water in the bottom right corner, tight buildings and rough humble abodes (overpopulation/infrastructure), and layers of mountains symbolizing distance and space. The two profiles are seen directly gazing at each other because the task of leaving no one behind requires that we look into the eyes of the marginalized, listen and be involved, as we work with them. The profile on the right is seen with her mouth open symbolizing a cry for social justice. The drop of water symbolizes the limited access to water and sanitation by large populations today. If observed closely, the #SDG6 logo on water is suggested around the drop of water.